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The first month of 2018 is behind us and it is time to regularly evaluate the performance of the Coins and Sectors. At the end of the last review post from 2. January on our blog, we said that it will be the wild ride. In this time you can see how important is to choose projects with long-term potential. If you have in your portfolio these projects, you can absorb probably these corrections more easily. Nothing grows to infinity and that is the thing, which you have to count with it. This is the main purpose, why we have to try to teach our visitors, how to get the right approach on the cryptocurrency market.

Sector review

In conclusion November and December we ranked as super successful months. If we compare these months with January we can easily see how fast the mood can change. The best result between sectors gets Prediction markets with +82,57% which was, by the way, the worst result of the December. Second place is for Others market sector with +16,44% and the third place is for Platforms with +3,75%. The rest of our sectors ends in negative numbers.

Coins and sector january

Coins review

In December Ripple was enjoying growing interest from all sides. It was a coin with the biggest gain. For a while Ripple has stolen place Ethereum like a coin with the second biggest market cap. In January hit one of the biggest loss between coins. The mood around Ripple is right now a little bit different. On the other side between coins in January we need to take attention on the winner which is Augur from Prediction markets sector. Augur did nice +176,12%. The second best was 0X  with +110,77% gain and third place is for NEO with +84,93%.

Overall, if we look from the perspective we can say that these corrections are still quite fine against the profits that the market has given us in further months. From a long-term point of view, these corrections are part of the game. If you don’t accept this fact you can’t be a successful investor. If you are afraid of every dip which comes try to work on your position management a find your own gameplan.