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In this article, we would like to do a fast review of last month in cryptocurrency world and look at the gainers and losers from our sectors and coins. Overall we can say that last month for the most of cryptos has quite a positive end. From our 6 sectors, each of them ends in positive numbers. Return is always calculated from the first to last day in the month.

Sector review

Cryptocurrencies market sector is the winner of November with biggest average gain. The average return was nice 76,96%. In comparison with the second highest sector Finacial services is Cryptocurrencies sector 50% better than the Financial sector. If you consider this coins in your portfolio in the same ratio you would be able to get this return overall. On the other hand, the worst result was reached by the Cloud computing sector with 1,59% return. The good thing is that despite the lowest return here you would achieve still a positive result.

Coins review and november performance, coins
Coins review and november performance, coins

Coins review

When we look further, we can see that the biggest gain from all coins across all sectors did IOTA. The result was exactly awesome 265,46%. If you were in, we can just congratulation. Second Dash did also awesome 189,78%. Also, the biggest players on the ground like BTC and ETH reach new highs too. Bitcoin crushes border 9 000USD and Eethereum 500USD. News we saw like that Nasdaq announced offering Bitcoin futures in June 2018. Hyosung one of the largest ATM manufacturers in Asia has officially integrated Bitcoin into its international ATM model soon they would like to add Ethereum. All this information just support these big gains and show us how hot is this theme.


In conclusion, the market is day by day bigger and bigger. What was in November cannot be in December. It can be better but also worst. We can see new high but also can come to the surface of information that none of us now expect. That is why we choose a project with a long-term vision. From long-term perspective is this information about gain and loss on the monthly basis just for interest. It is just summary how our portfolio stay.  Overall we are still at the beginning of cryptocurrency revolution.

If you look at the beginning of November you can see that market capitalization all cryptos was about 189 Billion USD. First December 317 Billion and now about 600 Billion. On this indicator, you can see growing interest in cryptocurrency. Unbelievable how this market every day grow. But if you look from the other side this capitalization is comparable to the Microsoft capitalization which is a just company not completely New Market. There is still a long way ahead but we may be glad to be part of it.