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Right now we are in the middle (maybe at the beginning) of the greatest technological revolution since the beginning of the Internet – Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies. It’s only up to you if you will ignore or participate in this new innovation. In general, I think the worst attitude is ignorance because in this position you can be only one in life. The profits from the cryptocurrency investing are extreme and many people have already paid their mortgages or secured their families for entire life. Extreme profits will not last forever and everything can end anytime. Everything suggests that in the future can emergence next technology giants like Google and Amazon in dot-com bubble in 2000.

What attitude do you take to cryptocurrency investing?

You have already heard a lot of sayings by „experts“ that Bitcoin and cryptos are a bubble or that Bitcoin is on its way to $ 1,000,000. So what is true? No one knows what happened but I know one – the media and crypto beginners are extremely uneducated in their statements about cryptocurrency investing and Blockchain. In my opinion, I think that critical thinking is necessary on the Internet and especially in the media. This means that before I take some information as a general truth, I will verify everything from independent sources.

The problem is when a beginners want to start study information about cryptocurrencies. It is the very difficult question because on the internet are a lot of inaccurate or untrue information about cryptocurrencies. If someone studies wrong information, he can slow it down for several months. So, where you can find independent and relevant information cryptocurrencies coins?

Cryptocurrency investing from the point of view of critical thinking

Each Crypto Investor has definitely own Top Cryptocurrency, what he thinks he will change the world or some industry. The problem is that a lot of investment recommendations for cryptocurrency today are becoming fanatical – „Buy Bitcoin, it’s good. It will surely grow again, believe me!“

But is this a correct and critical approach to investing in cryptocurrencies?

When we look at investing in stocks shares or real estate, all successful investors in these industries decide 90% on the basis of technical data, not on the basis of their feelings or emotions. Therefore, I believe that in the cryptocurrency from the long-term view, in the long run always will decide technical data, which the market sooner or later will appreciate it. Now is the time that it does not matter what you buy because everything is growing, but at the end, it will probably remain cryptocurrencies which have a clear technical justification for their success.

It is necessary to mention, that searching and verifying technical information in crypto space is a very challenging activity, and you mostly end up in an official Whitepaper project or in technical discussions on Reddit. If you are not an IT geek, you do not have much chance of understanding all crypto’s terms. Therefore we create Crypviz, where you can find simple, independently technical facts and information about major cryptocurrencies. Also, we created Knowledge database, where all beginners can start with education. We believe, that our work will help someone to be a better crypto investor.