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Right now, BAT Project is getting more and more popularity by growing user base. Since December 2017 the number of users has increased from 1M to 2.8M active users of the Brave browser, which is increased by 180% only in 6 months according to the latest tweet from Brendan EichAlso, user base of BAT and Brave has 16 000 Publishers.


What are Brave and BAT

The brave browser was created in 2016 by Brendan Eich (Co-founder of Mozzila Firefox and Javascript creator). The main goal of the Brave browser is to block all advertisements and trackers, which collects data about you.

As a result of development, Brave team introduce own digital marketing solution – The Basic Attention Token (BAT). The main goal of BAT is to create competitive digital marketing system, which will protect the privacy of users. BAT simply wants to remove the middleman in the process. ICO was sold in a few seconds in may 2017

Actually Google and Facebook earning money, that they selling privacy data to advertisers and user is just marketing sheep of these big companies. In BAT users like you or me, we will receive money, that we are looking at ads.

The Goal

Thanks to the connection between the Brave browser and BAT ad system, the project can be really dangerous for Google and Facebook. Mainly due to the fact that entire project manages IT star Brenden Eich (in the community he is also called as Batman :D).

Digital advertising is billion business, which is control by Google and Facebook. In my opinion, this is exactly use case by end users of Blockchain technology and Ethereum. People will use it and no one knows, that entire systém is running under Ethereum and Blockchain.