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Aragon project is one of the most interesting projects in cryptocurrency industry. Why? Because the end product of Aragon will have a massive impact on entire cryptocurrency space. So, what is the goal of Aragon project? Simply said, Aragon wants to create the complex decentralized and transparent legal tech platform, where everybody will be able to completely manage own cryptocurrency business, project or company.

Aragon app will allow these functions:

These features can make Aragon a unique legal tech platform, where ordinary people can create own cryptocurrency based business without no legal restrictions. Imagine, that people from different countries can start doing business without any legal restrictions because they will have Aragon and all rules and conditions of their business will be set up and locked on decentralized blockchain network powered by Ethereum and smart contracts.

Preview of Aragon app – also you can look on offical web version

Ok, the idea is good but what about Team?

The core Aragon team has 8 members. The major leaders in the team are Luis Cuende and Jorge Izquierdo. The Project lead of Aragon is Luis Cuende, which is also CEO of Unpatent and he was mentioned in the technology section of Europe Forbes 30 under 30. Tech lead is Jorge Izquierdo, which is CTO of Unpatent. So, these guys probably know, what they are doing. Next, very interesting thing is, that team is regularly reporting they expensive like salaries, rent for office or buying PCs. You can look at transparency report of Q4 2017.

Aragon team is also Supported by strong Advisor board from famous projects like DAI (stable coin) or Boost VC (blockchain startup accelerator).

The Development

From the beginning, the Aragon team behaves completely right and responsibly to all ICO investors. They are posting regular updates on their Medium blog, where you can read all major updates, new ideas or problems. Also, they are active on their Reddit channel. For example, there was an interesting question on Reddit – Can Aragon facilitate DAICOs? (DAICOs is new concept of ICO from Vitalik Buterin). The answer from Tech Lead Jorge Izquierdo was „100% possible“. The implementation of DAICOs into Aragon can be very interesting.

If you look at the posts on Medium blog you will see, that entire team is very transparent and open. The last update from 25th January shows that team really hard working on development because they introduced Aragon operating system for protocols and Dapps. Also, you can look on official Roadmap, where you can find all major upcoming milestones in development.

Why Aragon is undervalued?

  • During ICO was raised 275 000 ETH.
  • Etherscan ICO Aragon address, currently contains 262 672 ETH.
  • This means, that Aragon team sitting on 262 672 ETH, which is 308 033 600$ (calculated with $1,172.69/ETH).
  • Aragon hold $308M in ETH + $47m in ANT tokens. According to Reddit discussion, there are 35M tokens in Circulating Supply. This means, that with the actual price of $6,3, Aragon has market cap $220,5m vs $354m, which team really hold.
  • At current prices is Aragon undervalued by 60%. Simply said you can buy 1,6 ETH + value of the Aragon project just for 1 ETH.
  • If there were a situation like in stock trading, when the company went to bankrupt process and the company must sell all its assets to deal with the shareholders, every investor would be profit because Aragon holds 262 672 ETH, which is 308 033 600$ (calculated with $1,172.69/ETH), plus ANT tokens with value $48M

So, the idea of Aragon is great, the team is responsible and effective, development is going on and the actual capitalization is only 179M USD (Market cap byt with all these fundaments?

The real value

In comparison with other projects like BAT (During ICO Raised 133 333 ETH) or Status (During ICO Raised 299 343 ETH) current market capitalization for Aragon does not make sense. When you look at BAT (620M USD) and Status (1B USD) capitalization and compare it to the Aragon (Product, team, development status, roadmap), you will see, that the ideal capitalization of Aragon should be between 620M USD and 1B USD (Bat and Status market caps).

This means, that Aragon capitalization should grow by 366% – 643% ($620M – $1B)

As an investor, I don’t know what I want more from the investment opportunity like this. We are sure, that sooner or later the market will appreciate the real value of Aragon project. In our opinion, Aragon is currently the ideal long-term investment from value investor perspective.